Discover how to Fight and Beat ALL Speeding and Traffic Tickets in California with 100% accuracy!

"I went 10 years without a ticket, then one day I was driving down a road not even looking at the speedometer. All of a sudden a CHP Officer pulled me over. I got a traffic ticket but I was going with the 'flow of traffic' and was in between two cars going the same speed! Why was I singled out? I met a friend & he taught me insider secrets to fight and beat ANY traffic ticket! He had beaten 14 straight traffic tickets. I had my case dismissed after following his steps. Man, did I feel EMPOWERED!"

Ronald Cupp PhD, Marin, Ca.
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Don't argue the facts or the ticket.  We don't care if it's Red Light Tickets, Seat Belt Tickets, Cell Phone Tickets, Stop Sign Tickets or Commuter Lane Tickets!  We show you how to use the court system and Procedures against itself. You must use the system to beat the system!!

Red Light Ticket Seat Belt Ticket Speeding Ticket
Cell Phone Ticket Stop Sign Ticket Traffic Ticket

Save Yourself TIME. Save Yourself FRUSTRATION. Save Yourself MONEY.
"We've never met, but I do know these 3 things about you."
  1. You, a friend, or family member has a license to drive in CA.
  2. You, a friend, or family member has gotten a traffic ticket sometime in the last two months!
  3. You are looking for a way to beat that ticket. (Get out of it the fastest and cheapest way possible).
If these 3 things are NOT true about you, then please leave right now.
You don't need this. But if they are, please continue reading because you have come to the right place!.

Why is busting this ticket so important to you?
  • Points and marks on your driving record.
  • Insurance increase over several years.
  • Loss of license or driving privileges.
What is the concept of busting this ticket?
By definition it's a time tested, time proven way to legally and ethically get your ticket dismissed because the court cannot keep up with its own rules and procedures.

How? - "I know you're wondering how this is done"?
We never argue the case or facts of the case. You will never win that way. We use the courts criminal & penal code, rules of the court, and court procedures against itself. You must use the system to beat the system! It's the only way to win!
  1. We have you get the appropriate time extensions
  2. We show you how not to Plea and thereby NOT contract with the court.
  3. We show you what you need to ask the Commissioner.
  4. We show you what forms to file to access the courts own rules & start using the rules against the court.
  5. AND we show you how to get the dismissal.
So what if I beat my ticket?

Your insurance will stay the same, no increase.
You'll have a cleaner driving record, no points added to your license
You'll feel good about yourself - empowered to know you could handle it. And be confident for ALL future tickets!

Your going after a system that is revenue generating. That is NOT very ethical to begin with. California is now trying to cover their budget deficit by adding fines, fees, & tickets to make up for their poor administration!

So if what I show you is 2% of the cost of your ticket - would you continue reading?

If yes, keep reading, if not, Leave - this is not for you!

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Don't you deserve a second chance?? Everyone deserves a second chance! You've made it this far, I know you or someone you know or love deserves a second chance.

And you know What? Do yourself a favor, when you already know someone who already has a ticket, teach them what I taught you! In fact - give them this course!

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for the system and it includes how to beat MOST parking tickets. Most people can pay for this course by just beating their Parking tickets!

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